Remote & Instant Detection of Respiratory Infectious Diseases

Our patented lab-grade AI, predicts the specific infecting pathogen with no physical test, allowing accurate diagnosis for Primary Care & Tele-Medicine

  Test mass population for infection in seconds
  Enable remote diagnosis
  Increase efficiency of medical resources and COVID-19 tests
  Protect patients & medical teams from infections
  Reduce healthcare delivery costs


Our Solutions

Accurate diagnosis today is done by molecular tests which require physical engagement with the patient, thus cannot be supported by Tele-Medicine. Primary care settings have almost no means for accurate molecular diagnosis at the point-of-care, while the first 24-48 hours are critical for optimized treatment.

EDAS helps all healthcare systems to treat infectious patients from remote, provide better treatment, make better use of their resources, efficiently fight epidemic outbreaks and meet their antibiotic stewardship targets.

Our Product

EDAS system unique infectious disease diagnosis support system provides lab-grade accuracy and pathogen-specific results in seconds to the full set of common respiratory pathogens and needs no physical equipment.

Our Executive Summary

Get a snapshot of EDAS Healthcare and its benefits with our Executive Summary.

Our Technology

Our underlying technology is the product of over 8 years of research by our founders, focused on the transmission dynamics of pathogens in the urban and sub-urban spatial resolution scales. 
EDAS Healthcare had been granted a US patent for its revolutionary technology.

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