The EDAS AI System

EDAS system detects the specific respiratory pathogens, using our patented Epidemiology Transmission and Location-Based algorithms. No physical examination or equipment required!

As opposed to traditional diagnosis methods, or even some of the new more advanced solution concepts, such as point-of-care molecular tests or AI-based “mass wisdom” questionnaires, EDAS infectious disease diagnosis support system has similar accuracy to lab tests, and provides pathogen-specific results in seconds to the full set of common respiratory pathogens and needs no physical equipment.

With only considering few inputs - patient’s age, gender and address, the EDAS solution instantly eliminates the pathogens most probably not infecting, and indicates the suspected infecting pathogens. 

Main features


Widest Set of Respiratory Pathogens
To date, the EDAS system detects and monitors the following 14 respiratory pathogens:

Bacteria (5): Bordetella Pertussis, H. Influenza, Moraxella Catarrhalis, Mycoplasma and Strep Pneumonia. 
Viruses (9): Adenovirus, HMPV (Human Metapneumovirus), Influenza A & B, Influenza H1N1, Parainfluenza 1, 2 & 3 and RSV. 

The inclusion of additional pathogens has been proved to be extremely short. EDAS is now adding the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus to the list. 


Remote Detection and Treatment

Whether over Tele-Medicine, at the clinic or at home, the system provides its detection results immediately and facilitates optimal treatment anywhere. EDAS system is the ultimate solution and an enabling technology for Tele-Medicine to address treatment of respiratory infectious diseases.


Equipment Free

As opposed to other fast diagnosis support solutions, EDAS does not require any equipment for its detection. Results are immediately presented online – either in an app (web or mobile) or as part of the EMR. This has a major positive effect on healthcare economics.


Lab-Level Accuracy

The EDAS system determines the non-infecting pathogens with over 97% accuracy and predicts the infecting pathogens with over 70% accuracy. Higher accuracy can be obtained by tuning the model for specific use cases – higher negative values (for labs) or higher positive values (for physicians).


Clinically Proven

With more than 40,000 patient over 15 months, the EDAS system was clinically proven at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, showing high and consistent accuracy over time.


Live Outbreak Heatmaps and Alerts

The knowledge accumulated by the system on a daily basis can be presented as geographical heat-maps, showing the current state of infection per pathogen down to the street level. The system can alert on outbreaks and its algorithms may even predict such outbreak before it becomes an epidemic. Such timely monitoring is crucial for disease control agencies to react ahead of time and to be able to contain the spread in times of an outbreaks.


HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

The EDAS system uses anonymized data only. Our anonymization engine has already been approved for meeting privacy standards where implemented. No patient data is exposed or can be derived during the course of operation. We continue to implement additional country-specific regulations to ensure meeting relevant HIPAA as well as GDPR regulations.


Easy Setup and Integration

A set of system APIs and scripts enable us to integrate to almost all IT environment of a healthcare system, as well as to most common EMR systems. Setting up the system is extremely quick, while using the system is short of intuitive.

Our Executive Summary

Get a snapshot of EDAS Healthcare and its benefits with our Executive Summary.

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