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Most respiratory infectious diseases have similar symptoms, which makes it is extremely hard for physicians to distinguish between a virus and a bacteria, or diagnosing the specific pathogen, to provide the right treatment at first patient's visit. This, leads to 30% to 50% mis-diagnosis and unnecessary prescription of antibiotics.

Accurate diagnosis today is done by molecular tests which require physical engagement with the patient, thus cannot be supported by Tele-Medicine. Primary care settings have almost no means for accurate molecular diagnosis at the point-of-care, while the first 24-48 hours are critical for optimized treatment. 

In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems struggle to test mass population to contain and monitor the epidemic and allow economies returning to "new normal" life. This puts their critical medical teams in danger, leads to sub-optimal treatment which translates into severe medical and financial consequences. 

EDAS Healthcare allows the detection of the causative agent of infectious diseases, right from the first patient encounter with the physician. No physical examination or devices required!

The EDAS solution helps all healthcare systems to treat infectious patients from remote, provide better treatment, make better use of their resources, meet their antibiotic stewardship targets and efficiently fight epidemic outbreaks.

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Get a snapshot of EDAS Healthcare and its benefits with our Executive Summary.

COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 is yet another respiratory infectious disease pathogen, having similar infecting mechanisms to most other respiratory infectious diseases (although has potentially higher spread rates) and is expressed by very similar symptoms.

EDAS system’s ability to screen masses of populations quickly from remote and in seconds and distinguish between the COVID-19 from other respiratory viruses and bacteria, is key for the ability of healthcare systems globally to contain, monitor and treat the epidemic. Furthermore, EDAS can increase the efficiency of their limited amount of resources and molecular tests by directing these medical efforts towards highly suspected patients, obtaining higher test positive ratios, and to areas with higher/lower density of infected population.

During the ‘day after’ EDAS can play a crucial role in allowing the economy returning back to the “new normal” by ongoing screening of mass population in seconds, allow employers to screen workers and verify non-infected people on a daily basis so they can get back to work, and provide a daily surveillance and alert of new neighborhood-level outbreaks.

Primary Care


General Physicians (GPs) at primary care clinics, are constantly challenged with improving their level of diagnosis and treatment, increasing their capacity to treat more patients while reducing the patients’ wait times, and avoiding unnecessary return visits as much as possible.

The EDAS system allows GPs to obtain extremely high levels of certainty to their diagnosis in real-time, without the need to order additional microbiological lab tests, optimize their treatment, shorten visits and wait times and eliminate many return visits.



One of the main drawbacks of Tele-Medicine platforms and services today, is their inability to diagnose and treat patients who actually require a physical or lab test – which is the case of the vast number of patients with respiratory infectious disease, including the COVID-19 virus.

EDAS Healthcare solution serves as an enabling technology for the growing Tele-Medicine services. Our ability to accurately diagnose respiratory infectious diseases over Tele-Medicine is key to keeping infectious patients away from ERs or clinics. In relevant cases physicians may also prescribe medicine online.



Density and wait times at hospital ERs are constantly growing and becoming a real issue. Moreover, it is crucial to be able to treat patients with infectious diseases as quickly as possible to avoid infecting other patients.

By providing an immediate and accurate prediction of the specific infecting pathogens, such patients can be adequately treated in the shortest possible time. EDAS had already shown that a significant amount of hospitalization days can be saved, alleviating the burden on hospitals and optimizing their resources.

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